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Links and Resources

The links below contain links in reference to programs held at Southshore Center. If you have questions, please contact the director of the center at 952.474.7635.

Spring Garden Fair 2017

Beyond Pesticides is a excellent site. The page referenced in the presentation was:
It provides a lot of in depth information on all pesticides available to both consumers and industry professionals.

Our Pollinate Revival direct link:
The "Less Toxic Insecticides" table at bottom of this page in interactive. Simply type in insect and it will pull up all the safer options we have discovered. Our goal is to create a handout that could be distributed to national hardware stores, encouraging the industry to stock products that consumers need to manage pests in a more sustainable manner.

One more thing to stress. An attendee approached me after the program, reminded me that even organic pesticides have unintended consequences. It is very important to fully read up on a product, whether organic or synthetic. In her words, Milky Spore, used to treat grubs, almost killed a friend's cat.

All pesticides are intended to kill something, consumers need to use extreme cautions when handling and applying.

If you have a resource you feel would be helpful on this page, please email your suggestion to the city for consideration.